Friday, September 25, 2009

Poster Trends: Attack of the Floating Heads (part IV)

This next variation, which I call, the Smoke Plume variation, is particularly guilty of being extremely vague in regards to portraying any details about the movie itself (also see the Abandon poster, in part 3):

Though it seems this variation is mostly used for thrillers, images as innocuous as these rely solely on the tagline to get anything about the story across. In the case of that Prestige poster, the tagline is no help at all. It's basically assuming you've already seen the trailer. Otherwise, how else would you be able to tell that it's a movie about dueling magicians? If it were up to me, a design influenced by those old 19th Century magician posters would be a really cool throwback to the era in which the movie takes place, but it would also make for a more interesting design.

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