Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poster Trends: Attack of the Floating Heads pt 2

In the last post I mentioned that one of the ugliest things about the floating heads poster is the fadeout around the edges of the heads. Well, there are ways around that shoddy fadeout, however. This next variation - the Stripe variation - manages to sidestep or distract from the shoddy fadeout by placing the floating heads in a stripe. The result is still, unfortunately, a generic floating head design, but the contrast of the stripe on a blank background makes it seem like a more coherent design:

Then, of course, there are slight variations on the Stripe layout that reveal even stronger design possibilities.

The Inside Man poster is my favorite of these three. I love how the text is incorporated into the layout. There's actually some hint of visual poetry going on, without infringing upon the need to sell the cast of the film.

But, in the end, they've still got those damn floating heads.

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