Monday, December 14, 2009

Cooking for Engineers

I consider myself a creative person, but when it comes to cooking, I require strict directions, exact quantities of time to heat or cool and exact amounts to add or not add. Without them, I become lost, confused, unsure of everything and completely useless in the kitchen. Because of this handicap of mine, along with my general impatience when it comes to preparing food (let's just eat it, already!) I never cook. At all, really. This is something about me that my girlfriend, Lori, is very keen on changing very soon.

Well, she may not have to wait long, because I have found the perfect site for someone like me. I can't believe I found it and I'm incredibly grateful that it exists. It's called Cooking for Engineers.

I'm sifting through their recipes now and I'm excited. This is so freakin' perfect. I just found a recipe for a Chocolate Pecan Pie that I may be able to cook for Lori this Christmas. Oh, she'll swoon, for sure.

Thank you, internet. Why I never asked you for cooking advice all this time, I'll never know. But I hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful arrangement.

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