Monday, December 14, 2009

Scroll-down comics

This is pretty funny. Anyone who's ever seen any zombie movie will get it.

Content aside, and maybe I'm just sheltered when it comes to web comics, but it never occurred to me to set up a comic that way. To just make it one long scroll, utilizes the most basic of web browser elements (the scroll bar) to great effect. There are little things you can do with timing and pacing in a comic laid out vertically for the entire narrative.

So could this work as well elsewhere? As in, not on a computer?

I don't think so. I mean, humans used to be all about scrolls, but then we realized how much easier it was to make much smaller pieces of paper, bind them, and turn them over with our hands. A scroll is big and awkward (obviously, I can say this because I remember the golden days of the scroll, firsthand).

With the computer, however, we can bring the scroll back in all its vertical glory, as evidenced in this little web comic. Hmm, I think I'll add another side project to my never ending, will-probably-never-finish list of side projects.

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