Friday, September 4, 2009

Assignment: Website Redesign pt 3

Lastly, we have, one of the forgotten search engines in the Google-driven world we now live in. Though, with such an awkward and bland design, there's a good reason many of us don't use it.

Broken down into basic shapes:

And the redesign:

If your logo's going to do the Yin Yang thing, why not take it all the way and really make the screen pop? I'm sure they have enough trouble competing with a giant like Google, so they might as well set themselves apart aesthetically. Of course, there's the question of functionality: when the screen cuts to search results, would the black & red background stay? Probably not, because then the text would be illegible. But then an abrupt cut to a pure white screen with text would be pretty awkward, too. So maybe the answer would be to keep the black & red background, but put the search results text in a grayish box that would lay over the background. Just a thought.

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